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how to be really gross and manipulative: a photoset

That’s the thing: it is kind of gross and manipulative. You’re right. You can’t deny that Barney lied to Robin for weeks and kind of emotionally manipulated her, etc. But the thing is, Robin knows that. She knows Barney. And when she accepted his proposal, she accepted it full well realizing that Barney had been playing her to a degree this whole time. She knew what he’d done to her. But the thing is, she loves him. Despite her better reasoning, she loves him. She has always loved his playboy nature, his crazy plays, his subtle manipulations. She’s been into that from the start. And I don’t think she enjoyed it happening to her, but she realized in that moment - this is the man she loves. She realized that this action - this crazy scheme he’s worked up - is just another facet of the man that she loves and accepts. So when she said yes, she said it with full knowledge of who the man in front of her is and what he’s done to her but how much he loves her and the life he wants with her. And she knows that she wants to be with him. Accepting this proposal, when it was both romantic and kind of a dick move - I think, made her remember that that is Barney Stinson - romantic idiot asshole. Who loves her. And who she loves. She knew all of this in that moment, and accepted anyway. Because even with all of that, he’s still the man she wants to spend her life with.

I disagree that its “gross and manipulative”. With any proposal, the plan is a secret from the one being proposed to and this was just that, with his Barney twist, was it more manipulative than needed? possibly. But this is Barney, this is what he does and the fact that he did any of this, the way he did it means he’s done with plays and being the player. he definitely went out with a bang.

I don’t think there was any other way for Barney to propose to Robin to make her realize that he’s ready for that commitment, that he’s ready to stop chasing women, that he’s ready for Robin, completely and thats why this is the most romantic proposal that i’ve seen on TV ever

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